About Aren Clinic

Aren Clinic was established in Turkey by medical staff with the highest medical certifications approved internationally, to provide the best services and results in a way that guarantees patients a unique and unforgettable experience. Aren Clinic has gained the confidence and accreditation of a large number of patients on various continents of the world, due to its use of the latest and best available technologies worldwide thanks to the continuous development of aesthetic medicine. All cosmetic operations are carried out by our expert medical staff within a hospital that observes the highest standards of medical quality, with the aim of providing the best solutions to all cosmetic problems, and with the least possible surgical intervention.

Why Aren clinic

Expert medical staff

At Aren Clinic we have a professional medical staff of 14 doctors, in addition to the auxiliary medical staff.

An advanced hospital

We care to provide the highest standards of quality and sterilization at Aren Clinic, to maintain the general health of our visitors, and we are constantly striving to equip the hospital with the latest and best medical equipment in the world.

Suitable costs

At Aren Clinic, we offer you various cosmetic procedures at very competitive costs, as you save 70% of the cost of the same costs in the USA and European countries.

Excellent care

We always provide comprehensive care for patients from Aren Clinic, from the moment of arrival at the airport to departure, with several tests and checks before and after the operation, in addition to maintaining continuous communication between the patient and the doctor after the operation in order to ensure that satisfactory results are obtained

Integrated services

In order to preserve your comfort and facilitate the conditions of your stay in Turkey, we provide you with a free integrated package of services, as there will be a reception and farewell service to and from the airport, and the provision of translation service inside the hospital, in addition to luxury hotel accommodations.

Why Turkey?

Turkey has occupied the global forefront in the field of cosmetic surgery, with an average of 12,000 surgeries per month. Furthermore, Turkey has made it to the list of top 10 countries for cosmetic surgery, according to the International Society of Cosmetic Surgery.

Turkey’s extensive repute in the field of cosmetic surgery is based on numerous factors:

1- Government support for the medical field evident through numerous hospitals established in Turkey which according to official statistics, has peaked over 1600 hospitals and 3000 medical institutes.

2- The presence of experienced and skilled cadre where the number of doctors in Turkey is estimated at 145,000 doctors with excellent academic qualifications.

3- The results obtained from cosmetic surgery in Turkey are generally superior, but is dependent on your choice of hospital.

4- The costs of cosmetic surgery in Turkey are generally considered low in comparison to the superior medical quality offered. The expenses of cosmetic surgery in Turkey are 70% less than in Europe while maintaining paralleling levels of quality and results.

5- The opportunity to opt for an exceptional relaxation trip in Turkey considering the heavy prevalence of historic and natural landmarks in the country. For instance, according to statistics, the number of tourists that frequented Turkey in 2019 alone verges at 40 million tourists and ranks number 6 in the list of countries with the most influential tourist attraction.

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